Kai at Mahora

There are a few ways to order food at Mahora School. See the list below. Please note not all food options are available daily or weekly.


Brain Food and Healthy Lunches

A healthy, varied morning tea and lunch are vital for children to be able to learn at their optimum. This message is supported by our Dental Therapist, as a bad diet affects the health of a child’s teeth.  Sandwiches, fruit, cheese and crackers, and yoghurts are all excellent options and need to be the staple food groups in a lunchbox.  Water is the only drink that children need at school. 

Fish 'n Chips and Pies

Fish and Chip and Pie orders can be made at the office counter every Friday morning, except for when PTA Lunches occur. Each Fish and Chip order is $3.00, whilst the pies range from $2.00 - $3.00. Students come to the office with their money and order through a staff member at the counter.



Juicies can be purchased in Terms One and Four on a Thursday. They are $1.00. Occasionally Juicies will be available in the colder terms, the students will hear about this in the daily notices. Students line up at the allocated place and pay for their Jucie at the time they receive it.


PTA Food

The Parent Teacher Association will organise lunch fundraisers every now and then. The students will receive a money bag with a list of options and prices to take home. This needs to be filled out and brought back to the classroom teacher, or office. Please ensure the form and money is back on time, usually by the day before, as this helps our volunteer group of parents to prepare the orders promptly.