At Mahora School we have high expectations of our pupils in the academic areas (Reading, Language and Mathematics).

These, with the other curriculum areas, are taught in a context of values i.e. Self, Respect, Responsibility, Connected, and Attitude, that together will lead to personal excellence, high achievement, strength of character and lifelong values.

We believe that a child needs to be nurtured so they thrive and succeed in a safe and supportive environment where they feel happy and secure.

Classrooms and sizes

The children are in self-contained rooms with their own teacher who takes care of and is responsible for the educational and social development of the children in his or her class.   We have added 2 ILE’s in 2015 – Innovative Learning Environments where 2 classes work and share their learning together.

Class sizes vary depending on the class level;  despite pressures on the roll we aim to keep our entry classes at no more than 15—20 children maximum and our senior classes as close as possible to no more than 30 pupils.

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